Poor Tea Seller Fights His Own Case And Wins It Against The State Bank of India

On the daily basis lots of Indian costumers have to face many frauds by various local and foreign companies or by any governmental and non-governmental organizations. Recently a fresh case came in the limelight, a poor tea seller of Bhopal named Rakesh Sakre had been cheated by the biggest bank of India, SBI (State Bank Of India) bank.

On 23rd June of 2011 Rakesh had 20000/- INR (Indian National Rupees) in his bank account of SBI. At 2:33 pm of 23rd June 2011 he had withdrawn 10800/- INR from his account, two days later when he went to ATM for withdrawn some cash again, his account was nil, there is no balance in it. But the bank didn’t take his complaint seriously, officers of Hamidia Road Branch of the SBI neglect the matter and said that its happened because of Rajesh’s own mistake. Rajesh Sakre even sent a complaint letter to SBI, Mumbai Headquarter. But even headquarter didn’t take any action on it. After getting frustrated with all this, Rajesh moved to District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum (DCDRF).

Rajesh filed a case against SBI in District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum (DCDRF). Bank failed to produce any evidence for proving themselves right. It was a really tough task for Rajesh, as he has studied up to fifth standard only, he attended hearings more than dozens of times. He struggle hard but never lose his courage and stood for the truth.

After all he is a tea seller that’s why he didn’t have enough money to hire a lawyer for fighting his case, so he defended his case by himself and finally on 16th of June he won the case, DCDRF ordered SBI to payback Rajesh Sakre’s Whole money With 6% interest, SBI also have to pay 10000 rupees & 2000 rupees as a fine for mental stress and expenses on legal formalities respectively.

Themedots appreciates these efforts took by Rajesh Sakre, it’s a prove that citizens can still believe on judiciary system and laws of the country.

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