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Today’s youth is more interested in starting something on their own rather than doing a job for others. They feel no job satisfaction in corporate jobs, this is the main reason for which they are moving to the world of a startup. We can see various types of startups nowadays, but only a few startups can touch the heights. To make your startup successful, you need to think out of the box. Youngsters think that it is sufficient to think about doing a startup, but it is not. There are lots of startups ran in the race of success, but only those startup became successful who started with a unique idea and long term goals.

Today, Themedots wants to share something about a startup which came into this industry with a unique idea and different model. This startup is started by some engineering students from Jaipur. They are pursuing B.Tech (Computer Science) from Arya Institute of Engineering and Technology, Jaipur. In the final year of graduation, they thought to do something different, unique and eye-catching. They analyzed all existing startups and tried to find something new business which hasn’t come into one’s mind yet. Today all services which you need in your daily life are available online. For example- You can book driver, plumber, electrician, event manager, wedding planner etc through the internet today. So there is nothing good in starting any one of these services. But one cannot book Pandit online yet. “Puja Samagri” is also not available online. And you know, we are living in India which is the most religious and traditional country. Lots of religious works, Havan, Puja take place in one’s life. It becomes very difficult that time to find a pandit for such works and collecting puja Samagri is also a tough job. This is the basic idea behind this startup.

These boys came with their startup named Hello Pandit which is an online portal or you can say e-commerce business where you can book a Pandit for any religious work at your home or buy puja samagri for various types of puja like Saraswati puja, Satyanarayan Puja, Laxmi Puja etc. You can find a complete package of every item which is needed in any puja at one place. You need not go shop to shop for collecting all the items.

Co-founders of Hello Pandit:

1. Aditya Jha
2. Amit Gandhi
3. Gopi Yadav
4. Sanjeev Singh
5. Shashank
6. Anil Gupta


About Hello Pandit in their own words

“The Word Puja itself means Reverence, Honor, Homage, Adoration, and Worship. In our Adhyatma and Hinduism Religion, four basic aims and principles of life have been described as Dharma, Artha, Kaama & Moksha. Pujan or Puja are performed in order to achieve the Piece, Harmony, Health, Wealth, Happiness, Dharma, Knowledge, Self-upliftment and Divinity.Hellopandit.com is an initiative to make your Life divine. We provide you easy access to all the complete solutions Related to different pujas.In today’s Modern Metropolitan culture, Finding a knowledgeable Vedic pandit and Puja Samagri has become so hard and tough. Hellopandit.com is a step in the direction of need fulfillment which provides you online solution to all the Puja related complexities. Here you can order different Puja Samagri and Pandits and all related aspects to give you a worry-free, pleasant and joyful puja-experience.”

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Visit here to book Pandit and puja samagri: www.hellopandit.com

Like their facebook page: Hello Pandit

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