Free Wi-Fi For 30 Minutes By A Tea Vendor At Karnataka

Can anyone imagine what is better than hearing “I love you”?

“FREE INTERNET”, sounds cool isn’t!

21st century young generation is heavily dependent on internet. Our life is incomplete without it.

Everybody uses internet nowadays whether he is an entrepreneur, CEO, service men/women and kids, everybody utilizes the boon i.e. internet.

Jio has revolutionized the internet era by giving free internet for starting months and then at a nominal cost, due to which other operators are slashing their internet pack rates too.

Seeing the rivalries of Indian telecom operators, common people are also utilizing these conditions to earn a better way of living like Syed Khadar Basha (23), a tea vendor from Bellary, Karnataka who is using internet as a tool to get more customers.

Free Wi-Fi

He is offering his customers 30 minutes of Free Wi-Fi with a cup of tea, which costs Rs.5 only and the investment done by Syed is of Rs 3000 excluding router and other accessories. Unlimited data pack cost him around 1700 every month which he purchases from a local operator every month.

Basha told TOI “Offering free data in cities like Bengaluru may not be a big thing especially when we have free wi-fi zones and also a few mobile operators offering free data. But, when we think of a remote town like Siruguppa, internet penetration is pretty low. Many people are buying smartphones these days as they are getting addicted to social media or they want to access their mails.”

After having interaction with his customers, Basha observed that the customer group mainly comprises of students who have come here to study from various remote villages and can’t afford to buy internet pack due to shortage of money .Observing the whole scenario he came up with the idea of 30 minutes free internet with a cup of tea.

Free Wi-Fi

The scheme was started in the month of September and it has helped him to increase his customer count day by day. Previously he used to sell 100 cups in day and now the number has gone upto 400 cup per day.

Well I must say “Genius marketing scheme + a noble approach”.

The speed of the internet ranges from 1-2 Mbps and is sufficient to connect to 10-15 customers in one go. A particular person can access internet once in a day only. Wi-Fi gets disconnected automatically after 30 minutes.

Customers are also happy with the internet idea of Basha. In a small town like Bellary; it is very difficult to find a cyber café for accessing the internet. Because of Basha’s idea they can easily access their mails, social sites for 30 minutes a day.

Procedure for accessing internet at Basha’s tea stall:

  1. Ask for a cup of tea.
  2. You will be provided with a cup of tea and a slip having password on it.
  3. Enter the password and enjoy the 30 minute free wifi.

Awesome ideas can strike to anyone; they don’t require higher qualification and Basha has proved it.

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