Bullet Temple – An Untold And Mysterious Story Behind It

Do you guys believe in God, demons, ghosts? Well, most of you.
You must have heard various stories related to unnatural happenings, believe it or not, but they are quite interesting to listen.
There have been many incidences which are against the odd, many believe them and many don’t. Everybody have its own perception. People believes changes according to the situation, sometimes an atheist can become a firm God believer and vice versa.
There are various temples, mosques, churches and gurudwaras built for the devotees around the world. Various temples such as Submerged Shiva Temple in Varanasi, Akhand Jyoti at Badrinath have mysterious puzzles too and scientists are really keen to find the reason but the puzzle remains unsolved.
This article deals with the similar type of temple known as Om Baba Temple, also known as Bullet Temple.

Bullet Temple
                                    Om Banna’s Bullet 350 cc

Om Singh Rathore is a known deity in Jodhpur. He has gained this popularity after his death. Instead of God Idol, temple consists of a motorcycle with flowers on it and a portrait of Om Singh Rathore. Outside of the bullet temple, there are various shops of Dhoops , Agarbattis ,CDs and DVDs of devotional song.

Bullet TempleDevotees offer flowers, camphor and alcohol also in the bullet temple, yes you read it right “alcohol”, shocking isn’t?

Story Behind  Bullet Temple

In 1991, Om Singh Rathore met with an accident and died on the spot. His 350 cc bullet was taken to the police station. Next day the bullet was stolen from the station and it was found at the same spot where Om Kumar Rathore died. Police thought somebody is playing a prank on them, so they tied the bullet with the chain at the police station. Surprisingly on the next day, the bullet was again at the accident spot . Police tried to move the bike from the spot but all efforts went in vain. As soon as the people came to know about the incident, they started worshipping the bike and Om Singh Rathore came to known as Om Banna and thus the bullet temple was built.
Localities are the firm believer of Bullet Temple. According to them, worshipping at Bullet Temple brings good luck. Everyone going through the route of the temple visits the temple and those who don’t; they face the consequences in form of accidents. There have been incidences where travelers didn’t visit the bullet temple and met with the accidents.

Bullet Temple

According to the people, the soul of Om Kumar Rathore still roams around the place on his 350 cc bullet. Many of you might not agree with the theory of ghost and evil spirits, but as I have said earlier perception varies from person to person.
Well, your perception depends on you but the line outside the bullet temple does prove the faith of the people for the bullet temple.

Bullet Temple

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