About Us

On Themedots you’ll discover a new form of writing as here you get the Stories & Articles of
common people. Certainly not the Superstars or Sports Stars but a student, an entrepreneur, a
housewife , a servicemen etc. People with whom we all are surrounded.
You can interact and share stories across text, video, images and through conversations with
other readers and writers. Whatsoever you want to share you can publish on it, it might be a
story , an incident , poems or any other writing creation.
We believe that every person has his own Unique Story of Life which he wants to share to
everyone but somehow kept within his heart all the way his life.

A writer is the one who just Dip into the sea of imaginations and discover some priceless pearls
in terms of his Creativity. So We are Stepping in to dig out the Story from you and share it to the
Themedots is the new Concept in the field of Media-Tech. One of its Kind Publishing Platform for
Writing Creations.
Stories on Themedots.com are accessible easily via PC or Mobile.

Our Mobile App will Hit the Stores Soon.